Honyaku Remedies, 102, Marathon Max, above Kotak Mahindra Bank, LBSW Road Junction, Mulund(West),Mumbai 400081 / Honyuku Remedies, Shop No. 8, Atreya Apartment, Mahatma Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422007


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  • Honyaku Remedies are professional company with attitude of continuous improvement.
  • In translation and interpreting give us work, our team will execute.
  • Our openness approach to the customers and towards team is our Unique Selling Point.
  • We will give you complete professional touch.
  • We, as a team are passionate, dedicated, reasonable, professional, punctual, over and above believe in close interaction between our clients and expert translators. The services we offer are in strict accordance with specified quality standards. We believe in offering customized and cost efficient services.

    The efficient translators are native speakers and hence can understand depth of the subject and beauty and the dialect of the language in the respective area and can well connect with the locals. Our team of translators consists of many translators those have done doctorate in their field/language. The whole team comprises of translators, proof readers, interpreters and quality assurance managers.

    Won SHIVA GAURAV PURASKAR 2014 - by Sanskruti Yuva Pratisthan, Thane. Our work was appreciated by MAHARAHTRA TIMES - Renowned Marathi Newspaper in their prestigious column Marathi Mudra on 28th August 2013. Winner of Sumatibai Wagh Udhyogini Puraskar 2015.

    Q. What company does for customer and employees?.

    Founded in 2000, Honyaku is a destination for who seeking translation and interpreter services. We source local and professional translator . We create the experience to fulfill.

    Q. Desire future position of the company?

    Market leader by creating niche.

    Director's Message

    Advocate Mrs. Supriya Deshpande, who is also passionate about working in languages has a different outlook. Out of her passion for languages, by leaving a secured job and fixed salary income, she started her own enterprise named Honyaku Remedies. Her vision was to organize freelance translators and provide them continuous work thereby could serve the society to some extent and this vision converted into mission and become a fulfilled dream. Now her dream has completed 11 years, once fully settled in her business could start sister concern Kaizen Linguistics which is being run under the leadership of Mr Suresh Deshpande. The students who undergo training in foreign languages at Kaizen Linguistics are proceeding for further education to Germany, Japan, Brazil and other different countries. New generation in at least our nearby area should learn more and more foreign languages and could expand their wings all over the world and stand tall on the broad canvass of world.

    Her vision to teach foreign languages to more and more Indian students and to help them to build career was at the route of establishment of Kaizen Linuistics.

    Providing services of translations, interpretations and foreign language coaching became a fine blending.

    Mrs. Supriya herself has an excellence of legal translations from Marathi to English and vice versa. She is known for her skill in the field and by this time with a stalwart team of professional and experienced translators and interpreters gained name and fame as a certified translation agency for legal and medical translations. Being on the panel of British High Commission for more than 5 years, she could showcase her ability to provide excellent translation of legal documents even to office of Police Commissioner,at London, medical translation in Indian languages to Waterloo University.

    For Last 12 years she is serving in this field and expanding her wings. With more than 2000 reputed corporate clients in different areas and different domains. She developed the professionally and dedicated team. Her commitment to give quality work and submission of projects before the deadline has been consistently maintained over a period of her career in languages.

    Her believes that quality comes with the consistency, prove that after 12 years her eagerness to learn.

    Her daily continuous improvement philosophy always put her aside in the translation industry.